Medical Alert System Explained

Medical alert systems have become synonymous with the elderly, and for good reason. These wise individuals fully understand the repercussions of falling and injuring themselves. They know that installing a medical alert system will only aid them if they become injured.

But medical alert system could be used for many different age groups to address differing physical and emotional needs.

The medical alert system has not always been designated just for elderly use. In fact, the system was not originally established to aid older generations. A doctor whose daughter was suffering from a reaction to a tetanus vaccination realized something needed to be done to aid those debilitated by illness but who desired to remain independent.

Today, medical alert systems continue to have the same purpose: They provide clients with the independence they desire while also giving family members peace of mind.

Medical alert systems are also useful devices for the handicapped. Perhaps you have a child who has Down syndrome. You know that he is capable of taking care of himself. But what if he injures himself or is in need of help? The alert system is a good solution to squelching these concerns. He can wear the medical alert device – which is 100 percent wireless and is easy to track – either as a wristband or as a pendant attached to a necklace. If he is in dire need, he can press the safety button to notify the monitoring system. That way, you will not have to feel as if you need to be near him at all times for his protection.

The same can be said for the disabled. For example, if you have a spouse who is paralyzed, you might be worried something terrible could happen when you’re away. With a medical alert system, if your loved one is in a situation where they are injured but can’t respond verbally, they can press a button on the alert device and a dispatcher will immediately call the authorities.

You might also want to consider an alert system if you are a young parent worried about the safety of your children. If you are worried your children would lose the wristband or pendant device, companies generally offer a larger alarm meant to be hung in a more vulnerable part of the house. That way, if there is ever an emergency, residents can quickly hit the button to notify the monitoring agency.

Anyone can make good use of a medical alert system. Past users have discussed how such systems have saved their lives. If your house catches fire and you are unable to reach a phone, you can press the button and notify the authorities immediately. If someone breaks into your house, you can press the alert button, and help will be dispatched immediately. Users can often be as far away as 600 feet from where the medical system is installed before their wireless device is considered out of range. That means you can probably walk into your yard and still have reception.

Medical alert systems can be used by nearly anyone. Their use might seem primarily targeted toward senior citizens, but they can be used for almost any security or safety need. With the proper training and right information, these safety buttons will become a staple for safekeeping in your family.