Gentera – A New Center Launch For Physical Wellness and IV Nutrition

Gentera to Announce New Partnership in West Valley Location

“A center focused on enhancing patients’ health, wellness and beauty”

Canoga Park, California– Originating from Miami, Florida. Gentera’ s unique integrative approach to care is backed by research team at the forefront of advances in regenerative medical therapies. Gentera’ s physicians and medical staff deliver the most current protocols available in functional medicine to promote anti-aging, wellness, rejuvenation, and longevity.

Gentera will be opening two locations in Southern California. Their first location will be inside the wellness and fitness club, Athletic Society located at 22235 Sherman Way, Suite 100 in the city of Canoga Park in the San Fernando Valley. They will be pre-debuting their services, by hosting a vitamin pop up bar inside the fitness club for the entire month of February followed by their official launch in Spring of 2018.

Their treatments will include IV Nutrition, the most efficient way to rehydrate the body and to distribute the nutrients your body needs to rejuvenate, recover, and restore its natural balance. At Gentera, they target a solution for your individual needs, delivered intravenously for the most direct results, ensuring you are properly nourished so you look younger and feel better.

Gentera promotes lifestyle through regenerative and precision medicine. From Orthopedic surgeons performing cell based therapies, to their hormone & nutrition specialists and their cosmetic surgeon crafting his art, via face-lifts and body contouring, their medical team feature seasoned specialists in each area of treatments they offer. “We help you Feel Better About You! As a pioneer our role is two-fold, first is to educate our prospective patients on the benefits of regenerative medicine and then deliver the highest level of patient care, even offering full concierge services”, states CEO Brian Pla

Some of their event promotions will include IV Drips ($99), Shots Bar ($49), Custom Shots (up to $59), B12 shots ($25) and more. Custom Blends will also be available. They will also be offering Free Cardio Scans in honor of American Heart Month. For More Information on Gentera please visit

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Where To Shop For Healthy Food

At health food shops, clients are complaining about food allergic reactions more often now with statements like, “I cannot eat this”, or “I cannot eat that.” Why do so many individuals, specifically those who frequent health food shops, believe they have food allergic reactions? It’s amusing, I’ve never heard anyone state, “I’m allergic to coffee, cookies, cakes, popcorn, pizza or sweet”, and yet these are things that people consume frequently without a doubt. So, exactly what’s up with all these organic food shop shoppers who have food allergies?

Food allergic reactions happen when the immune system overreacts to a protein particle in the upseting food. This can occur even with those who adhere to food from natural food stores. The body is unable to break down that specific protein molecule, so it reacts by attempting to “get rid of it”. It produces a chemical called ‘histamine’ and symptoms appear in the form of rashes, hives, itching, wheezing, breathing problems, and lots of mucus being expelled through the mouth, nose, ears, lungs, or sexual organs. More serious reactions from food allergies are: throwing up, diarrhea, loss of consciousness, drop in blood pressure, and even death.
Health tree
Intolerance to particular foods is different than real food allergic reactions, and this is a more common problem at natural food shops. With food intolerances like lactose intolerance, where an individual has trouble breaking down the sugar in the milk, the symptoms are much milder. One may have some bloating, excess gas, cramping or diarrhea. While food intolerance is unpleasant, it is not life threatening like food allergies can be in some extreme cases. The typical distresses are intolerances to wheat, soy, dairy and anything at organic food stores that the consumer feels is too expensive.

The concern that consumers at health food stores ought to ask is not, “Exactly what food am I adverse?” However rather, “Why is my body immune system responding to what should be organic food?”

When identifying particular food allergic reactions and intolerances, some elements to think about are:
1. Exactly what is the trigger food?
2. When am I eating the trigger food?
3. Am I improperly combining vegetables and fruits or grains or meat and dairy?

The list can be rather exhaustive to hunt down the offending trigger food and how it is being consumed. In truth, the majority of food allergy experts will tell you to keep a journal of whatever you eat, and when you find the trigger food to simply prevent eating it. Well, that sounds basic, however if you respond to many things, including those that should be natural food, it’s not so basic? Naturally, you can eliminate the most typical triggers to food allergies like: corn, wheat, eggs, dairy, and peanuts, but if that does not work, then exactly what? The reality is, your immune system can overreact to many substances. The very best way to attend to food allergic reactions is to strengthen your body immune system and get in balance with all the systems of the body. Store organic food shops for particular foods to feed your 5 primary systems equally: immune, endocrine, digestion, circulatory and respiratory systems. This may be hard at common natural food shops, however searching online will produce outcomes.

When you feed all your body parts with healthy, whole food nutrients, and remove the phony, processed foods in your life, your 5 systems can enter a completely natural balance. Then you can eat what you understand you need to be eating from  Health Tree. It is much better to enhance the body’s systems with properly combined health food and fend off health problem and illness the natural method. When you take in the best nutrients, the body runs at maximum levels for a more unwinded, healthy life. You have access to a lot great nutrition at health food stores and plenty of alternatives for preventing food allergic reactions or intolerances that it’s a pity to restrict your options unnecessarily.

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